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Montague County Cowboy Church Shooting Club

Montague County Cowboy Church Shooting Club
     The MCCC Shooting Club was started on April 7, 2013, at the Montague County Cowboy Church, in Montague ,Texas.  The mission of this ministry is to glorify Jesus Christ and to encourage others to become followers of Christ. We practice Christian values while having fun and enjoying comradery of friends.
     The idea of this ministry is to involve people who are interested in shooting and fellowship with others. The club is open to men, women, and youth that are 12 years of age or older. We shoot shotguns only 12 gauge and 20 gauge only at clay targets. No rifles or pistols allowed.
     We do not charge any fees to become a member or shoot with us. Our revenue comes from donations from our members and helps with replacing the clay targets we shoot. Our season generally begins the second Saturday in March and goes through the Second Saturday in November. Each year in November we hold a “Turkey Shoot” and give away two turkeys to the top two shooters of the competition.
     We sponsor 3 Family Fun Days for our church, on designated Sundays after church.  We furnish snacks for participants.  We have rounds for kids with BB guns, for ladies, for youth, new shooters, team events and experienced shooters.  Our lay pastor furnishes guns and ammunition for those without equipment.  We also sponsor Trunk or Treat activities and BB competitions for young shooters.
     We currently have a total of (5) throwers: (2) Atlas 300; (1) Atlas 20; (1) Lincoln manual double; and (1) Lincoln manual triple.
     Monthly shooting meets are at 2:00pm on the Second Saturday of the month and we shoot until dark.  We invite anyone interested in shooting to come and join us and experience the fellowship, comradery, and share the blessings that God has given us.
Please contact Mike Robertson at (940)233-0070 for more information 
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